Not only a rock solid drummer with near perfect computer like timing, Rays razor sharp ears make him the perfect co-lead singer in Sunset Strip. Ray also has a great sense of humor and stage presence that provides unforgetable entertainment 

​with Sunset Strip.

Ray Brown

Rob's professionalism, rock solid playing and high energy stage show landed him the lead guitar position in Sunset Strip (Not to mention the killer hair). Rob brings it every night. Rob's high vocal range is a perfect fit for Sunset Strip and allows them to perform the rock anthems of the 80's and beyond. When Rob isn't rocking out with Billy Morris / Sunset Strip he is building custom guitars. You can find his custom guitar website at


Billy Morris hails from from the RocknRoll capitol of the world Cleveland,Ohio.

As the former lead guitar player for platinum recording artist' Warrant, Billy has played every state in the USA as well as Japan, Korea, Mexico,  Australia and many other countries across the world. Billy has also toured and played lead guitar for 80's headbangers "Quiet Riot" and guitar legend Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big.

​In Warrant, summer tours with bands like Poison, Whitesnake, Ratt and many others taught Billy a high level of professionalism and excellence he brings to the stage today.

From Northeast Ohio, to Vagas back to Northeat Ohio. Craig has been playing with Billy Morris for years going back to Janie lane orginal band. Craig has played and toured all over the world with The Paul Gilbert band. Craig has also played in Unified Culture.  Craig will bring high engery to every show and will even show off his skills as he will play the bass upside down.